Privacy policy

 The “ Queen tiye” family is well aware of the concerns that may afflict users regarding the privacy of their data, but there is nothing worthy of worry or doubt. We have formulated this policy to ensure your confidence and knowledge of all your data that is collected by us and how it is managed and used .

What does the privacy policy mean?

The privacy policy explains how to collect personal information and data about the user, when he uses our website or any of our means of communication, and also explains to him all the procedures that ensure the preservation of his privacy. Therefore, to be sure, protecting the personal information of all users of our website is considered the first and primary goal for us and Our basic principles .

Privacy Policy Terms

There are some terms that you must know before anything else .

Policy: refers to the document that is concluded and its terms and conditions

Personal data : refers to the personal information that the user enters when registering for the site, or upon request or if he wishes to provide it to us from time to time .

Usage Data : refers to computer data , which may be collected automatically .

Data: refers to both personal data and usage data .

Data collected about you

  1. The data you provide to us when creating an account, such as (name , phone number, email, password, city, governorate, and so on)
  2. Data on your account on the social media site, if you register on the site through your social media account .
  3. The data you provide when making a purchase order, such as (address and account number)
  4. Information that may be requested from you when you request a return .
  5. Data that you can provide to us when you report a problem .
  6. The data you provide to us when promoting any product offers .
  7. Data that may be requested from you when performing one of our services, such as (contact With us) .

We emphasize that you are not obligated to provide this information to us, but not providing it at times may not allow us to continue providing the service to you. For example, you cannot create an account without providing basic data about yourself .

Where and when this information is used

Our primary goal is to facilitate communication with you, provide you with the best service on our website, and know the requirements you seek when increasing our website .

For example, it can be used to send emails, or inform you of the best offers currently available, and so on .

Cookies (Cookie Policy)

It is a text file that we send to the visitor to better identify his browser and identify his computer as a distinct user when visiting certain pages of the site. Accepting cookies is not considered a prerequisite for visiting the site, but as we previously mentioned, you cannot request any purpose from the site without activating it. Those files are like (basket) functions .

Cookies may be used to detect your Internet Protocol (IP) address . We use cookies to ensure your convenience when you browse this website (for example to remember your identity when you want to amend your shopping cart without having to re-enter your email address again), and not to obtain collect other information about you or use it for targeted marketing purposes, for example .

You cannot worry about cookies when you visit our website, as they do not carry any viruses and are not intended for any espionage at all .

As we mentioned previously, the goal of these files is to provide you with a better service, and the uses of these files can be explained in the form of brief points :

It is used to determine the information you need when you visit the site .

Remember the pages and sites you need when you visit the site .

It improves your site visit experience every time .

You can change your cookie preferences by accessing your device settings and choosing the appropriate one for you .

There may be cookies on our website that are not affiliated with us, linked to links and other sites on the Internet such as (YouTube, Instagram , Google, and so on) and we do not control those files, so we strongly advise you to access these sites and review the policies that they follow .” Limits of your personal data In accordance with the laws in force, your data will be kept throughout the period of our relationship and dealing with you, in addition to that we use protection mechanisms specifically designed to protect your information against any damage , change , use or disclosure .

In addition to the importance of knowing some information about you, we are bound by certain limits that must not be covered when using your data. We will only use it for the following purposes :

Enables you to use and purchase our products optimally, by facilitating communication with you, referring to you, and following up on the purchase process with you .

When conducting opinion polls, your email address will not be disclosed at all .

To process your data, such as ensuring that your phone number and email are valid .

To contact you when you wish to return, we have a return policy. You will find all its details on our website under the heading (Return Policy) .

To always receive questions and inquiries and easily answer them .

To always provide you with information about your favorite products faster .

For internal business purposes, such as improving our service .

Managing and processing promotions .

Communicate with you regarding updates to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or any of our other policies .

Also, if you are concerned about your data, you have the right to request access to the personal data that we hold about you or that you previously transferred to us, and you have the right to ask us to correct any errors in your personal data, and this is done free of charge, and you also have the right to ask us to stop using your personal data. For direct marketing purposes if this ever occurs .

The guarantees that must be provided by us

  1. Our website undertakes to preserve all your personal information and not to deal with it for unauthorized purposes, in exchange for or without any other party, unless this is required or authorized by us under the relevant regulations and instructions, or with the prior written consent of the user to whom the information relates .
  2. We pledge to preserve records that contain your personal data or any electronic communications records that are under our control or with our agents or employees .
  3. Our website undertakes to take reasonable steps to ensure that the user's personal data and related records are protected in a security manner appropriate to their importance .
  4. We pledge to protect your privacy at all times, and that we will never sell your personal data or allow it to be shared with others. Some necessary cases in which a person's data must be disclosed For our part, we have pledged, within the limits of what is legally permissible, not to disclose any confidential user data or use it in a manner that conflicts with your privacy, but you grant us the right to allow our employees to deal with your personal data within the limits of providing services only and no more .
  5. User data may be disclosed if partners enter with us, or to entities that partner with us to provide services to protect against credit risks , fraud, and electronic piracy .
  6. In the event that it is necessary to disclose the user's personal data to protect rights and property , or the safety of the store, or Our employees or others .
  7. If we are required to disclose the user’s personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation or in order to impose and apply our terms and conditions in the event of a judicial ruling or decision from the competent judicial authorities obligating us to do so .

What the user must adhere to

  1. He must commit to maintaining the confidentiality of his data, and acknowledge that disclosing any data about him is his personal responsibility .
  2. No personal data must be disclosed while using the messaging feature, and the user is considered You are personally responsible for any disclosure of this kind .
  3. He is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all data related to the details of transactions through the site, and not to use them in any way, and he is considered contractually and legally responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of this data .
  4. He acknowledges avoiding following any means that would help collect data about other users, including their e-mail, mobile phone numbers, and other means of communication .


We have the right to make any amendment to our policies at any time .

If any amendment is made, it will be announced immediately on our website .

Your continued use of our website makes us happy and means that you agree to all of our policies .