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Queen tiye options to test your taste buds

As we are a group of specialized companies
under one big umbrella "Queen Tiye", We offer you a variety of diversified
products in order not to go any ware else.

"Fresh and Frozen Fruits and vegetables,
Herbs (Dried, Oil extracted and Handmade Soap) plus seeds and grains."

Quality - Never Compromised !

Use the world’s first herb traceability tool to discover the origin of your herbs and see validation of your product’s quality. Our organic herbs are fresh, colorful, and fragrant. Each is selected from choice harvests, carefully reviewed, and analyzed for unmatched quality. All our herb offerings are cut and sifted unless otherwise noted. Queen Tiye is committed to bringing you herbal supplements of the highest quality. Through arduous research and a dedication to sustainability, we are able to provide products that are the best for both you and the Earth.